Spotlight on Food and Drink – Key Technology Trends

Over the last 18 years Tullitec Ltd has worked with a wide range of organisations in the Food & Drink sector, which is undergoing significant technological transformation to meet regulations and growing consumer demands for safety, sustainability, and convenience. Many organisations are actively replacing legacy systems and investing in chosen technologies that will support the achievement of their business goals. Some of the key technology trends we are seeing this sector are:

  • Manufacturing ERP Systems – time consuming operational and administrative tasks can be automated using cloud-based or on-premises ERP solutions. Areas of focus include integration with 3rd party ordering and inventory management systems to support batch traceability of ingredients for quality control or recalls, and paperless production data capture via mobile devices and sensors.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – IoT devices are being used to monitor and manage everything from temperature and humidity in storage facilities to the freshness of food products during transportation. These devices help prevent spoilage and ensure the quality of goods.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI powered algorithms analyse vast amounts of data to optimise production processes, predict demand, and enhance quality control. For example, in precision agriculture farmers can analyse the quality and quantity of crop yields and understand how variables such as weather can affect outcomes. Optimised route planning tools can save time and fuel costs as well as helping to reduce emissions.
  • Robotics – automation with robots is enhancing efficiency in food processing, reducing labour costs, and improving consistency in tasks like sorting, packaging, and even cooking in restaurants. Automated fruit pickers and optical sensor-equipped conveyor belts can reject sub-standard produce.
  • Food Safety Tech – advanced sensors and detectors can identify contaminants or pathogens in real-time, ensuring the safety of products and reducing recalls.
  • E-commerce and Mobile Apps – these technologies are revolutionising how consumers access food and drink products, making it more convenient for them to order online, customise orders, and receive deliveries.
  • Improved IT to enable digital transformation – organisations are improving their existing IT infrastructure to ensure robust and secure WI-FI networks are in place as a solid platform from which to optimise the latest technologies that will enhance their operations and meet the business goals.
  • Blockchain – Blockchain technology provides transparency and traceability in the food supply chain. It allows consumers to track the origin of products, verify their authenticity, and ensure they meet safety and ethical standards.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – these technologies are being used for training purposes, quality control inspections, and enhancing the consumer experience, such as allowing customers to virtually try products before buying.
  • Sustainable Packaging – innovations in biodegradable and recycling packaging materials reduce the environmental impact of the industry.

Food & Drink is an exciting sector in which to be involved. Tullitec is working strategically with clients from farm to fork ensuring they remain competitive in this fast-changing environment.