Langstane navigates “IT Excellence” roadmap.

Langstane Housing Association has recently completed a review of its IT systems and resources, under the guidance of Paul from Tullitec Ltd. The Langstane project team will now embark on an improvement journey using their “IT Excellence” roadmap, with the aim of equipping management and staff with IT that “just works”.

Project Sponsor, Lynne Macfarlan, Director of Finance & Corporate Services, commented ” Tullitec has given us the assurance that we have a roadmap that is properly specified and will meet our current and future business needs, and also the confidence to proceed and deliver said roadmap in a well managed and cost-effective way. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable to our team. I particularly appreciate the fact Tullitec is independent and I trust them 100% to act in the best interests of Langstane.

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