Project Management

We manage implementation projects for our clients to ensure their success…. by leading the internal project team, monitoring vendor performance, managing acceptance testing and ensuring the solution is correctly implemented, trained and supported.

Once each solution element of the plan and its provider have been selected, Tullitec provides flexible project management services tailored to ensure the success of the implementation process.

This is achieved by liaising with key supplier and client staff to ensure:

  • both client and supplier provide information, assistance, hardware, software and infrastructure when and where required
  • project solutions are properly scoped and designed by suppliers, with both parties signing off the resulting detailed functional design specification, budget and implementation plan
  • the quality of training, documentation and support provision will allow each user to fully realise the solution’s potential
  • the project is progressing on time and on budget, providing regular progress reports to management
  • issues and blockages are identified early and are avoided if possible or addressed and accounted for