At Tullitec, we provide clients with a real-time view of the projects being delivered. Having the ability to monitor and measure project effectiveness right from inception fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Our Assurance service provides CEO’s, CFO’s and IT Managers with key metrics that expedites decision making and helps to achieve business objectives.  Our Assurance service delivers IT Excellence by providing visibility on how well IT is performing.

Manufacturing construction materials

Initially engaged to assist with the specification, procurement and delivery of a replacement ERP system, Tullitec’s role expanded into  an advisory capacity which examined how best the organisation might fully benefit from new systems and services.  This resulted in the recruitment of internal IT resources, implementation of an ITSM system and upgrade of internal policies and procedures.  Tullitec has additionally filled a technology assurance role, measuring and improving services delivered to users by external service providers, project monitoring, spend analysis and technical staff mentorship.

Oil & Gas Services Provider

Tullitec’s work with this client commenced over 10 years ago with an ERP specification and selection, and has since expanded as the business has grown internationally.  As well as delivering operational projects such as SharePoint optimisation and management, we continue to advise the management team on roadmap alignment assurance, technical staff development and mentorship. 

Nationwide Housebuilder

Tullitec was initially engaged as the Virtual Head of IT and conducted a complete review of the organisation’s ICT systems and services.  Since then, we have successful delivered a series of  key projects including ERP, external support provider engagement, technical staff recruitment, ITSM and SharePoint migration/optimisation.  The construction industry is continually evolving and as such it is important to keep abreast of technology. A key aspect of the Tullitec role with this client is Assurance – monitoring, measuring and continually improving how the organisation maximises the benefits gained through its IT investment, and ensuring the technology in place is aligned with the business objectives. Tullitec is working with the client to customise our portal that delivers key information to the CEO, CFO and IT Staff and provides metrics allowing staff to expedite the decision making process and mitigate risk.

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