Our Services


Tullitec consultants provide advice and recommendations based on our ethos of delivering IT Excellence. When you engage Tullitec we become part of your team. We take time to understand your people, your processes, your culture and your business objectives. This 360 degree view of your business allows us to design a technology roadmap that identifies specific projects that will be required to ensure the right technology is in place to deliver the business objectives.


At all points during the delivery of the technology roadmap Tullitec consultants prioritise projects based on the strategic, financial and cultural needs of the business. We produce a phased timeline for project delivery to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.


At Tullitec, we provide clients with a real-time view of the projects being delivered. Having the ability to monitor and measure project effectiveness right from inception fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Our Assurance service provides CEO’s, CFO’s and IT Managers with key metrics that expedites decision making and helps to achieve business objectives.  Our Assurance service delivers IT Excellence by providing visibility on how well IT is performing.