Firstly, our thanks go to all essential workers, and our thoughts are with all those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid transition to remote working took many by surprise, no-one more than IT departments, who were suddenly faced with the task of ensuring key staff could work effectively from home.

Much of the global community has been forced to navigate choppy, uncharted waters, with COVID-19 forcing many to think about how we live and work. Most businesses will have been presented with different challenges – for some it is upscaling to cope with demand, for others it is becoming flexible, resilient, innovative and creative to ensure survival.

At Tullitec we recognise that not all businesses will be in a position to implement their optimal IT plans but may need to utilise technology to accommodate a new working environment.  We can offer advice on how to get the most out of existing IT and to help you build a roadmap for intelligent workplaces with the flexibility to support growth in the new ‘normal’.  Such a roadmap must maximise existing IT in the short-term, implement quick fixes to address emerging challenges and provide flexible, agile tools to allow organisations to adapt to new ways of working with staff, suppliers and customers. 

If we can be of assistance to help you through the current crisis please contact us.