Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) is a joint venture between Michelin, Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council.  The aim of this state-of-the-art Innovation Parc is to “create economic growth in Scotland and support a fair and just transition to a net zero economy.

MSIP is transforming the 32-hectare site of the former Michelin Tyre Factory in Dundee which closed its doors in June 2020 after nearly 50 years producing 300 million car tyres. Michelin’s long-standing commitment to Dundee may have been the end of tyre production, however it was the beginning of a new and exciting venture reflecting change for the future.  As one door closes another opens, and the forward thinking leaders in Michelin, Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council have certainly delivered, with the formation of MSIP which is focused on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.  Michelin’s worldwide reputation for quality and skill will be emulated in this centre for innovation and sustainability.  Embedded in the Innovation Parc is a Skills Academy to ensure talent and entrepreneurship are fostered.  The legacy of Michelin lives on in Dundee as the city embarks on its commitment to “Changing for the Future”.

The Project:  MSIP Dundee – A Blank Canvas

MSIP required the formulation of an IT Strategy and Implementation Plan that would meet the current and future needs of the different zones to be created within the Innovation Parc, comprising industrial units, manufacturing units, office space and a Skills Academy.  Tullitec was well placed to deliver this using our proven methodology – IT Excellence.  MSIP had the reassurance that Tullitec had used IT Excellence for the IT Strategy and Implementation at the V&A Dundee, working initially from building plans until the doors opened to the public.  MSIP was in a similar position, with a vision for what they wanted to create on the 32-acre site.  By using our “360 degree” IT Excellence approach, Tullitec was able to provide leadership to the team at MSIP for all their technology requirements.  

MSIP engaged Tullitec in March 2020 and set about sharing their vision for the 32-hectare site. Despite this coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic Tullitec’s 16 years’ experience of remote-working allowed us to undertake the work with negligible impact. Therefore, following an initial in-person meeting to start the project, Tullitec switched seamlessly to working entirely remotely in line with COVID regulations. The priority was to set up the team at MSIP to ensure they were operational and could work remotely until such times a they could move into their new premises on site. This would then allow them to make their vision a reality. Working along with the team Tullitec produced an IT Roadmap, providing a visual representation of not only MSIP’s immediate requirements, but also outlining the requirements for the different zones of the Innovation Parc itself. It was important that, to assist in attracting tenants to the Innovation Parc, the IT Infrastructure was in place for them to be able to operate in this world class facility.

The IT Roadmap

Some of the key areas identified in the IT Roadmap were:

Infrastructure Design, Procurement & Deployment

  • Liaison with MSIP appointed construction and engineering partners
  • Scalable structured / fibre cable deployment, testing and documentation
  • Seamless and scalable IT Infrastructure solutions for MSIP, Tenants and Innovation Parc Guests
  • Local and Wide area network connectivity
  • Cloud-managed network infrastructure
  • Telecoms
  • CCTV

Cyber Security

  • Multi-Layered “Defence-in-depth” security systems and services aligned to Cyber Essentials and recognised cyber security best practices
  • Policy, best practice development and training

IT Service Management

  • Deployment of an ITSM tool 
  • Development of: 
    • Support ticket system 
    • configuration management database 
    • knowledgebase 
    • change management procedures 
    • user self-help portal 
  • Integration with external vendor help systems and auto-triage of support tickets 
  • Competency framework 
  • Training, educational sessions and knowledge sharing with MSIP staff to promote self-sufficiency, including Office 365 and Cyber Security

Vendor / External Service Provider engagement and management 

  • Procurement process management 
  • Supplier on-boarding 
  • 3rd Party Business Partner and Supplier Management
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation 

System Administration:

Office 365 Administration:
  • User management 
  • Security & Permissions 
  • Performance management 
  • License administration 
SharePoint site development, deployment and maintenance :
  • Site security, structure 
  • Design, features and functionality 
Teams administration:
  • Teams structure & permissions
  • Deployment & training
Cloud Services administration:
  • Security 
  • License administration 
  • Vendor liaison 
  • User onboarding 

At the core of the IT Requirements are the business objectives. In addition to undertaking hands on IT work in network install and configuration, Tullitec worked along with the main site contractors FES (site electrical contractors), Robertsons (site construction) and ISP Service Providers, with good communication and collaboration key to the success of the project.


  • MSIP  have an IT Strategy that ties in with their business goals
  • IT Infrastructure is in place for both MSIP and Tenants
  • Security measures in place for all IT across the site
  • IT can and does support mobile workforce if necessary
  • MSIP can capture data to make informed decisions

Tullitec continues to deliver IT Excellence for MSIP and its tenants and is excited to be working in this space of innovation, sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.  MSIP is helping Dundee City Council achieve their aim of “Changing for the Future” and we are glad to be part of it. 


Colin McIlraith, Chief Operating Officer, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc: “Since our formation, we knew that getting an IT Strategy and Implementation Plan for MSIP underway would be critical to the success of the business. Although the onset of the global pandemic coincided with Tullitec’s start date, this has not impacted that work. Tullitec has shown professionalism, expertise and a can-do attitude throughout.

Tullitec has an exceptional track record and was well placed to deliver what we required. At the outset we had a vision of what MSIP would be and do. Tullitec has taken that vision and delivered an IT Roadmap for MSIP that will work for us now and into the future, as we develop and grow.

“Our number one objective is to build a globally recognised Innovation Parc that creates jobs and a skills provision, generating economic growth. The IT infrastructure that is now in place will be a key enabler for that.”