Delivering IT Excellence

George Dundee, our MD enjoyed a long overdue in-person meeting last week with Colin McIlraith, Chief Operating Officer of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc. The site has transformed since his last in-person visit and continues to do so with work now started on a further £20m investment to create the first lettable spaces for small start-up businesses. Tullitec Ltd was engaged in March 2020 to design the IT Roadmap to ensure the right technology was in place from the outset. Tullitec is delighted to continue our work delivering “IT Excellence” to ensure MSIP and its tenants have the right technology infrastructure and tools to succeed and operate at the highest level. It is exciting to be working in this space of innovation, sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, MSIP and its tenants are certainly assisting Dundee in “Changing for the Future”.